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Our Wishlist Christmas Party Outfit – Top Christmas Offers

With Christmas creeping up on us fast, many of you will have been given your Christmas Party updates, be it for work, friends or a hobby. We wanted to give you a roundup of some of the offers going on that you can look forward to and hopefully we can help you find your perfect festive outfit!

 Dress from Motel Rocks, Bag from Marc B, Ring from Motel Rocks, Boots from Christian Louboutin

(Links above will take you directly to the product page should you have the same infatuation feelings as us!)

As well as us indulging in wishlist items, we also want to let you know about all our current and upcoming promotions so you can have a look around and pick your Christmas party piece to wow everyone with.


Get 20% off all orders at Glamorous. Use the code ‘GLAMBDAY’ at checkout. Ends 24th Nov.

Get 30% off all orders at marc b. Automatic discount at checkout. Valid 23rd-26th Nov.

Get 30% off this category page at Motel. Use the code ‘USSALE30′ at checkout. Valid until the 26th Nov.

Get 40% off this category page at AX Paris. Use the code ‘VIP40′ at checkout. Ongoing.

Get 35% off Inlovewithfashion. Use the code ‘CYBERSHOP35′. Valid on LOVE full price items only. Minimum purchase £30.00. Offer valid on 26th November 2012- ends midnight 26th.

Get Free Worldwide Delivery with Dahlia. Use the code FREEPPNOV. Valid until 30th Nov.

Get 20% off everything* at Paul’s Boutique. Use the code ‘PBFRIENDS20′ at checkout. Valid until midnight 26th Nov.

Don’t forget- as well as great promotions, there are plenty of competitions to be entered! Check out our weekly round up post to see what you can enter here.

Happy Shopping!

Attention All Bloggers – We Have An Exclusive Competition Just For You!

Glamorous are running a competition exclusively for bloggers! We’re asking bloggers to create a collage or wish list style post of your dream Glamorous outfit with a budget of £200 – the winner will receive the £200 to buy whatever they like from the website!*

To be entered into the competition all you need to do is create a fabulous collage using all your style expertise and then send the post link through to Posts received up until the 12th of November will be counted so get creative and send us your inspirational board!

Our favourite 10 collages will then be put up to the vote on the Official Glamorous Facebook page from the 13th-20th November. One ‘like’ = One vote – simple as that!

We think its only fair that there are runners up to thank for your efforts so second and third place will be asked to pick any item they want on site to have also*.

Go ahead and get creative guys – all we ask is that when mentioning the Glamorous website, you please use this link: and when mentioning the Glamorous Facebook page, you please use this link:

Feel free to pass this competition onto your readers if they also have blogs and are yet to see the competition but please, remind them to send us the post link so they can be entered into the competition to!

Have Fun & Good Luck!

*Unfortunately, this does exclude Jeffrey Campbells

Why the layered looks is perfect this summer

If you re on the lookout for fashion tips this summer, you might want to focus on creating layered outfits. Ensembles like this can look fab and they re also practical. Let s face it, the British summer s never predictable, but this year s has been especially changeable.

Heading out in a cute little dress may seem like a great idea while the skies overhead are blue, but if the heavens open and the wind picks up, you might be left feeling a little chilly. On the other hand, if you step outside buttoned up from head to toe to protect yourself from the rain, you might find that after a while the clouds part and blistering sun is beating down on you. So, when you re stocking up on cheap women s clothing it s savvy to get garments you can layer up and down on the go.

Our very own monsoon

Monsoons are typically things we associate with more exotic parts of the world, but the rain and wind blown across the UK this summer has led to descriptions of a European Monsoon . In June, blustery conditions battered the country, with gale force winds causing trees to topple and hammering rain leading to flooding. The bad weather has been caused by the position of the jet stream, which is much further south than usual for this time of year.

However, between these dismal spells, there has been some sunshine and like many people, you might be hoping there is plenty more to come.

Being prepared

So that you re prepared to cope with whatever the weather throws at you this summer, it s important to be tactical when you reach into your wardrobe. Here at Glamorous we have plenty of gorgeous garments that might be perfect for you.

For example, you can layer up our women s vest tops with knitwear and other warmer items, finishing the look off with stylish jackets. This way, when the sun s out and it s hot, you can strip down to your vest. Then, if there s a chill in the air from the breeze, you can wrap up with another layer on top and if it s cold or wet, you can slide into your coat for even more protection.

Any mood or occasion

The great thing is, our products can suit any mood or occasion. Inspired by high fashion, contemporary night culture and vintage, they can help make sure you re always the belle of the ball.

Great value

Also, all our women s tops and other items are great value for money. We know that just because you want to look as good the rich and famous, this doesn t necessarily mean you have a budget to match. You should find our garments are accessible.

The great thing about layering is you can achieve plenty of different looks by combining different items with each other – meaning you get even more bang for your buck.

So, don t let the British weather thwart your fashion purchases. There are loads of great products for you to choose from.

Its a Glamorous World

Today we want to give you a little glimpse into a few things we have been up to at Glamorous Head Quarters. So we have asked a couple of the girls to supply us with some of their personal instagram photos of things they have been up to – all mixed in with a few of our lovely bloggers photos too!




































Just to point out a few of the images – the most cutest piggy your going to see in your life was from photographed in Cheshire Farm Ice Cream in Chester where they have the most fabulous and such an amazing selection of different flavored ice cream! The try for this day was Bailey’s flavour :) but the highlight of the day was to see this cute little piggy!!!
Lets stick with the food talk&8230;. at Glamorous we love a coffee and I dont think there is a day we would go without one! Not to mention the yummy looking scone that you can see too, yes we love to have a treat every now and then!
You can also see here some sample’s that arrived of our leather studded jacket!!! Oh how we are loving the studs this season, also the beautiful and delicate embellishment detail on the collar of a sample dress! Its super pretty :)
What the bloggers are wearing you ask?
Charlotte Floral Blazer which is now on sale!!!! Down to 34.99
Shades of Blue Kimono 31.99
Green Waterfall Skirt has now sold out online
Double take.. Apple Green Belted Dress 36.99
Lace Mint Lace Dress is now in our sale section for only 12.50
Seeing double on the steps Fray Denim Shorts 22.99
The best ever 20&8242;s Flap Me Dark Green Dress 25.99

Hope everyone has a lovely day and if you ever go to the Cheshire Farm say hi to the piggy for us x

No sunshine&8230; time to watch a show instead

Currently the weather in the UK is being a little temperamental. Yesterday within 30 mins the sun was piercing through the clouds and then the next minute we had a huge pour down. So unfortunatley the grey clouds were still with us for the rest of the day.
It was during this time that we did a little youtube video watching. I’m sorry but when its raining and gloomy all I want to do is snuggle under the blanket and watch a good film!
We found some great bloggers that have posted some of their Glamorous clothing! It was such a surprise to find a large number of Glamorous features in video blogs (I’m not sure what the right term is, video bloggers?!?)
Please see below for a few that we have really loved to watch. And hope you enjoy also
Love Glamorous x

Have you wanted to purchase our rose print jeans and not known how to style the look?
Well have no fear&8230;. superficial girl has videoed for us to show three cute styles to wear Glamorous Rose Print Stretch Jeans.
Ps. These Glamorous Rose Print Stretch Jeans are now on sale for only 19.99!!!!!

What we love that’s in trend now&8230;.. one word&8230;&8230; STUDS!

Rock &8216;n roll diva or total prepster?
Either way there is no denying that studs are a must have for this season in the fashion industry. If you want to be on trend you should be seen wearing studs.
Studs add an instant flair and a small edginess to your look. Total funk.
This season you will see a sea of studs from many companies, but Glamorous is the one to go with!





As seen here with Lauren Pope wearing our Underwood Studded White Vest. This style can we worn in many ways but we think its best to funk it up!! Wait until the AW12 collection comes in for Glamorous&8230;.. We think it is the best collection to date!








New to the Glamorous Online Store is also these FABULOUS black denim shorts which is the “NiNi” Short. Again what do we see&8230; none other than STUDS! Such a fresh and cool half studded short would be perfect to wear to any festival this season. These shorts are a bargain with Glamorous only 29.99 – you can’t find them anywhere cheaper and better than Glamorous.




Girls we say wear your studs loud and proud! And on that note to get you in the mood of power&8230; here is Beyonce’s Single WE RUN THE WORLD (GIRLS) Enjoy x

5 Fashion Choices You Need to Make Right Now

Selling women s clothing online isn t all we do. We re a studio of fashion-mad buyers, stylists and coffee fanatics, too! And when a coffee break rolls around, you can guess what we talk about fashion!
So today, after discussing the merits of the denim shirt (consensus we all need one!), we started chatting about how tough it can be to make really good fashion choices these days. There are some real car crashes out there in terms of celebrity fashion, so what are the good fashion choices this summer?

1. What s your body shape?
This is a bit of a tricky one for us. We re not keen on the idea of pigeonholing each other and saying You are a pear, so you cannot wear tapered trousers But a clear idea of your body shape can help you find styles that are more flattering. It s not always fun critiquing yourself in a mirror or standing there while someone else does, but that s more a self-confidence issue than a fashion one.
2. What s your jeans type?
Coloured skinny jeans are big sellers this summer. But what if skinny isn t your favourite cut? Knowing what cut suits you and feels great is essential. After all, do you want to stand out from the crowd look fab or blend in feeling glum?
3. What s your heel type?
Not all women are great with heels. But there are so many to choose from! Espadrilles are great for less-than-heel savvy ladies who still want a bit of height. What about block heels for a vertiginous feel with extra balance? Tough as it sounds (we must all suffer a little for our fashion), head out to a shoe store (or a mate s shoe library!) and totter about a little to find the perfect heel for your lifestyle and walking habits.
4. Where do you like to make fashion statements?
Some ladies are all about a simple wardrobe brought to life by women s going out tops, others love a fabulous shoe, and the more said about cocktail rings the better! Most ladies aren t too flush at the moment, so our stylists reckon it s time to pick a statement area and invest in plenty of brilliant pieces. This can be another inspired way to breathe new life into a tired capsule wardrobe or holiday suitcase too.
5. Who s your biggest critic?
Who do you dress for? Men, a man, women, everyone, no-one the answer should probably always be yourself. But we are typically our biggest critics. Once you get past the does-my-bum-look-big-in-this side of things, we ve all got plenty to offer in terms of style and loving the wardrobe we ve spent a lifetime cultivating. What s REALLY stopping you from wearing red? Is it just YOU who thinks heels are a bit dressy for everyday wear? Figure out who you re dressing for and who you want to impress (the answer is probably you for both!)

Sky Blue Top with Gold Tip Collar Must Have for this season

The must have for this season is anything with detailing on the collar. By this we mean gold tips, lace detail, studs&8230; its all in fashion!
Below is Milly wearing a Glamorous Sky Blue Top with Gold Tip Collar. When we first got this onto the Glamorous Online Store it sold out within 1 week. Now we have them back in stock!!! Lots more other colours to come to carry over for the AW12 collection.

Learn to Love Your Look Every Single Day

As women who love everything about style, we all place heaps of boundaries around our fashion choices. We want chic, comfort and something that won t show up spills over lunch, etc! But how many limits can one woman handle! Amidst our cheap women s clothing studio and HQ, we asked some of our expert stylist and buyers to offer a few cardinal sins and saintly tips on how to love your look every single day of the year (no personal shopper of expensive stylist needed!)

Take Care of Yourself
Losing weight shouldn t be the only aim of a diet. Eating healthily (most of the time!) can maximise good moods and help you feel brilliant in your own skin. Eat well, do a little exercise (once you feel endorphins, you ll never go back!), exfoliate regularly, treat your hair to a weekly masque taking proper care of yourself is a sure-fire way to stay upbeat and confident in a crazy, scary world!

Create an Emergency Capsule Wardrobe
We all love the idea of the capsule wardrobe So simple! So pretty! but for lots of ladies the temptation of new buys is just too much! Our stylists reckon one of the best uses of the capsule wardrobe is as your staple for those oh-god-I-feel-awful days or odd weeks that pop up every now and then when you can t remember what your signature style is (this usually happens as the seasons change) Every woman needs a formal outfit, work outfit, casual outfit, travel outfit and holiday outfit that ALWAYS hits the mark and leaves her feeling fabulous. We re heading into summer, so women s summer dresses are really popular right now. Take a look through our online catalogue to find something that s forgiving enough to let you enjoy second helpings at lunch but still super stylish.

Take a Risk Once a Week
This is probably the best tip. We all get a little bogged down with our own look from time to time, so why not shake things up a bit? Lets assume you re dressing for work five days a week. The office can be a pretty strict place in terms of safe fashion, but that s no reason to be dull! Once a week it s time to make a little (or big!) statement. Those gold stilettos you never wear? Team them with grey cigarette pants and a loose pussybow white blouse. That strapless prom dress? Remove any underskirting and wear over a crisp fitted white blouse with flats.
If you re a little more demure in your tastes, you don t get off lightly! You lovely ladies need to make a little statement every single day! Some bold earrings, a new hair do every day, floral vest tops instead of plain colours there is ALWAYS a way to enhance your personal style and love the look that suits your life every day of the year (even on duvet days who doesn t feel fabulous tottering around the house in a nightdress and vertiginous heels!)